Top 10 Best Blu Phone In 2021 Review

Blu phones have been around for a while now. The best part is that the phones are manufactured in the United States. Accordingly, you can look forward to high-end design and superior quality even in comparison to established brands.
Our list will focus not only on the best Blu phones but also on some rival brands such as Samsung, which are mainly created outside the United States.
However, our Blu phones review focuses majorly on these incredible devices from Blu products. As with most high-end devices, you can look forward to some stunning models from this little-known manufacturer. Below is our list of the best Blu phones.

The Best Blu Phone

#1. BLU Smartphone G90 Pro

1. BLU G90 Pro

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Our first Blu smartphone packs lots of powerful features. Firstly, the device features up to four high-resolution rear cameras. Secondly, you get a wider screen size of up to 6.5 inches. Marking the screen is a U-shaped notched to give it the latest appeal.
Thirdly, the Blu g90 pro boasts lots of internal memory as it puts a staggering 128GB in your hands. Finally, the high capacity of 4GB RAM makes it suitable for gaming.

  • Created with a wider display
  • Created with large internal memory
  • Ideal for mobile gamers

#2. SAMSUNG Galaxy A20S

2. Samsung Galaxy A20S

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Samsung is undisputedly one of the best smartphone makers in the tech industry. Acquiring the Galaxy A20S gives you one of the best smartphone experiences at a slightly lower price.
Moreover, the fingerprint sensor at the back of the device takes your data security to another level. Unlike previous Samsung devices, the Galaxy A20S comes with a non-removable battery. Amazingly, the battery comes with a staggering 4000mAh capacity. Finally, the device is 4G ready.

  • Comes from a reliable brand
  • Features fingerprint unlock
  • Features high battery capacity

#3. SAMSUNG Silver Galaxy J3 Prime

3. Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime J327A

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The Samsung Galaxy J series took Samsung lovers by storm. If you’re a fan of the J series, the Galaxy J3 won’t disappoint. Additionally, the device comes with an attractive silver color. You also get 16GB of internal storage.
The device runs on Google’s Android 7, which works pretty smoothly. Moreover, the smartphone boasts a wide array of frequencies. The battery lasts several hours even when used continuously. Lastly, it is compatible with multiple carriers.

  • Created with 16GB internal space
  • Runs on Android 7
  • Works with different carriers

#4. BLU L5 -Unlocked Smartphone

4. BLU Advance L5 -Unlocked Dual Sim

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Blu L5 carries up to two SIM cards. Looking at Blu phone’s prices, the Blu L5 comes at an extremely affordable price. Moreover, the smartphone comes unlocked, so you can use a SIM card of your choice.
On the other hand, the compact design makes the smartphone highly portable and easy to travel with. The processor is pretty impressive despite the size. Additionally, the gadget’s selfie camera boasts up to two megapixels.

  • Supports dual SIM
  • Comes with a portable design
  • The smartphone comes readily unlocked

#5. MOTOROLA Gray G8 Smartphone

5. Moto G8 Play

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Motorola is one of the pioneer mobile phone manufacturers. The Moto G8 offers you a triple-back camera set to give you next-level photography. Additionally, like most Blu phones 2019 and Blu phones 2020, it features the revolutionary U-shaped notch.
The gray smartphone also comes with a powerful battery that can last up to two days. Furthermore, it comes with an impressive pixel density, a quality that is hardly available on most smartphones.

  • Created by a respected brand
  • Comes with a long-lasting battery
  • Features great pixel density

#6. LG Verizon 4G Prepaid Smartphone

6. Verizon LG K8V 8GB 4G LTE

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LG’s KV8 comes preinstalled as a Verizon carrier. This means you acquire the smartphone prepaid so you can begin to use it immediately. Moreover, the black smartphone was first released in 2016 and attracted lots of users.
The LG device comes with a high-resolution five-inch display for the best pictures. At just 263 grams, the smart device weighs little hence easy to carry around. Lastly, it comes with up to 8GB of data storage space.

  • Features an HD screen
  • Compatible with Verizon prepaid
  • Weighs little at just 263 grams

#7. ZTE ZMAX Unlocked Smartphone

7. ZTE ZMAX 2 16 GB Z958

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ZTE Zmax runs on the popular Android 5 operating system. Incredibly, unlike most Android devices, you get the privilege to upgrade to Android 6. Additionally, ZTE offers you 5.5 inches of a high-definition screen.
The gadget also runs the popular Snapdragon processor to deliver exemplary performance even when running larger apps. Moreover, if you loving watching movies and listening to music, you also get up to 16GB of internal storage space.

  • Comes with an upgradable operating system
  • Features a clear, color screen
  • Runs on a Snapdragon processor

#8. BLU A4 Black Dual Sim Smartphone

8. BLU Advance A4

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Blu A4 runs on Android 8 Oreo. The A4 supports up to two SIM cards, so you can subscribe to two carriers simultaneously. Moreover, the device comes with a 5 megapixel back camera and another 2-megapixel selfie camera.
The device works well with most mobile carriers without causing you any trouble. Additionally, Blu A4 comes with a 4-inch screen with exceptional brightness quality. Finally, the gadget boasts of a quad-core processor for seamless speeds.

  • Comes with Android Oreo
  • Designed with double SIM slots
  • Compatible with multiple carriers

9#. BLU G80 2021 All day battery Unlocked

9. BLU G80

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What stands out about Blu’s Studio Mini is the amount of internal storage. The faster-performing smartphone packs a staggering 32 gigabytes worth of internal space. Furthermore, like the back camera, the front camera also features a flashlight, ideal for taking selfies in night.
On top of that, if you’re after some of the best Blu phones amazon has currently, the Studio Mini model does not disappoint. Lastly, it runs on the ninth version of Android.

  • Features Android Pie
  • Front and back flashlights
  • Sufficient internal memory

#10. BLU VIVO Smartphone

10. BLU VIVO X6-6.1

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Blue Vivo offers you a modern display design, with a near bezel-less installation. Astoundingly, the smartphone comes with two AI-supported back cameras. The selfie camera sits strategically on the notch above the screen.
Furthermore, Blu Vivo’s infinity display is all glass, a feature that is hard to come by. Besides the charger and earphones, the device also comes with a magnificent Vivo sticker. You also get a staggering 64 gigabytes worth of memory space.

  • Boasts 64 gigabytes of memory
  • Features AI-backed cameras
  • The screen is made from glass

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