Top 10 Best Electronic Watches For Kids In 2021 Review

It’s no secret that most of the best watches for kids or adults today are electronic. It is also true that most of them come with intuitive and attractive interphases. Well, we’re focusing on kids today.
While there are tons of toys out there, electronic watches offer more than just toys for kids. Accordingly, we won’t highlight just ordinary watches but a unique set of timepieces. For instance, if your kid loves swimming, we have plenty of waterproof suggestions.
On the other hand, if your little one loves selfies and taking photos of objects, we have watched for that too. Below is our compilation of the best watches for kids.

The Best Electronic Watches For Kids

#1. VTECH Black Smartwatch

1. VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

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Vtech’s Kidizoom is just what your kid needs to keep up with the latest tech trends. The gadget offers a playful, kid-friendly interface any child would love. Additionally, it packs a dual camera feature with an ergonomic camera button for taking pictures and selfies.
KidiZoom also connects with your computer to enable you to share or upload your kid’s pictures and videos. Lastly, the watch is rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about replacing the cell.

  • It comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Allows file sharing
  • It comes with dual cameras

#2. INIUPO Kids Smart Watch

2. Kids Game Smart Watch Phone

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Iniupo’s smartwatch for kids comes with a gorgeous touch display. Astoundingly, the smartwatch can make and receive calls like a smartphone. On top of that, it can save up to ten contacts.
Furthermore, Iniupo passes for a good toddler watch, thanks to the preinstalled games. What makes it even more impressive is the music feature, which is missing in most smartwatches. Finally, Iniupo’s smartwatch for kids comes with a memory card and sim card slots.

  • It comes with a phone call capability
  • Packs terrific games for kids
  • Accompanied by a memory card

#3. YEHTTA Smart Watch for Girls and Boys

3. Yehtta Kids Smart Watch Toys

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It’s the adorable blue wrist band that brings out the charm in Yehtta’s smartwatch for kids. The selfie camera takes high-definition pictures that your kid can take growing up. Additionally, it comes with versatile applications, including a voice recorder, a torch, and even a calculator.
Yehtta’s ample battery capacity means the watch can run for hours before the next recharge. Accordingly, your kid can use the torch stress-free. Finally, it makes the ideal Christmas present for children.

  • Fitted with a torch
  • It takes perfect quality images
  • It comes with a durable batter

#4. TIMEX Digital Watch

5. Boys Camouflage LED Sports Kids Watch

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If you’re looking for watches for a kid girl, you should seriously consider Timex. Firstly, it comes with decorated straps. Unlike most watches, the straps are nylon. Accordingly, they’re ultra-light and extremely durable.
Secondly, despite the simple build, the watch is water-resistant; hence your kid doesn’t have to worry about wet playgrounds. For instance, if your kid is a swimmer, Timex is the ideal watch for her. Thirdly it can display dates as well.

  • Recommended for little girls
  • Ideal for swimming
  • Fitted with nylon wrist straps

#5. CAKCITY LED Watch for Kids

5. Timex Time Machines Digital 35mm Watch

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CakCity’s military-inspired watch will put a smile on your child’s face. It is one of the most suitable watches for kid boy with military prints out there. Moreover, CakCity comes with silicone straps that are both soft on the skin and durable.
The watch is excellent for any occasion. Additionally, the large buttons are convenient and easy to use. The big display, on the other hand, is easy to read. Finally, the watch is water-resistant.

  • It comes in military colors
  • Fitted with silicone bands
  • Easy on your child’s skin

#6. L LAVAREDO Watches for Girls

6. Kids Watches Girl Watches

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L Lavaredo is one of the most fashionable watches for kids girls, especially. The silicone bands are embedded with adorable animated characters that take beautiful, feminine colors. Additionally, the display can switch between up to seven different colors.
Some of the colors include pink, green, orange, and even yellow. Thanks to a thoughtful waterproof build, your child does not have to take out the watch when she’s washing her hand. The watch can stand water splashes quite effortlessly.

  • It takes a feminine design
  • The display has seven colors
  • It comes with cartoon-inspired straps

#7. COFUO Digital Watch for Boys and Girls

7. Kids Digital Sports Watch

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When it comes to Cofuo’s digital watch for kids, it does not matter whether your kid is a boy or a girl. Thanks to an all-inclusive design, the watch is perfect for both genders.
Moreover, it comes with a unique set of rubber straps that are flexible and skin-friendly. It also spots a night light display, so your kids stay ahead of time even in the dark. It works with both 12-hour and 24 hour systems.

  • It comes with a 24-hour style display
  • It looks appealing to boys and girls
  • Features night display

#8. WUTAN Digital Wrist Watch

8. WUTAN Boys Digital Watches Led Touch Screen Sport Watch

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Wutan takes a unisex approach; hence will look fabulous on any boy or girl. Most remarkably, only the numbers glow when the watch displays the time. This innovative feature helps the clock save significantly on battery usage.
Additionally, Wutan looks fashionable to both kids and teenagers. The digital watch comes with a robust stainless steel buckle to hold it securely around the wrist. Moreover, setting the time has never been this easy, thanks to Wutan’s subtle build.

  • Ideal for kids and teenagers
  • Fitted with steel buckle
  • Suitable for both gender

#9. KIDPER Digital Watch for Kids

9. Kids Digital Watch, Boys Sports Waterproof Led Watches

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Kidper comes with an elaborate display of the day, date, month, and time. The exteriors come with a playful mixture of blue and black colors. Moreover, it further comes with a stopwatch and alarm feature.
Accordingly, the watch is just what your kid needs for both indoor and outdoor sports. On the other hand, your child can choose to keep the watch on even in the shower since it is waterproof protected.

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor play sessions
  • Displays day, date, and year
  • It comes with an alarm and stopwatch

#10. WDNBA Digital Watch for Girls and Boys

10. Kids Digital Watch, Boys Sports Waterproof Led Watches

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Wdnba’s all-white digital watch for kids stands out for its gorgeous appearance. Firstly, the white silicone bands come with adorable heart drawings inscribed in different colors. Secondly, the screen boasts of a staggering seven display colors to keep your kids excited.
Thirdly, besides just hours and minutes, the screen also projects seconds. At only 68 grams, Wdnba feels incredible light on the wrist. Finally, the digital watch’s superior quality build makes it long-lasting.

  • It takes a stunning white theme
  • Projects time in seven varying colors
  • Weights exceptionally less in weight

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