Top 10 Best Hair Thickening Shampoo In 2021 Review

Does hair thickening shampoo work? Yes, the results are exemplary. However, not every hair shampoo on supermarkets’ shelves is as effective as the ones we’re about to unveil. Fortunately, hair thickening shampoo Walmart or Amazon has on sale can be trusted.
Whether you’re looking for hair thickening shampoo UK or any other place in the world, we have you covered. With the right shampoo for hair growth and thickness, you can upgrade your hair to its best look.
Besides just enhancing appearances, some shampoos come with a curing effect, eliminating conditions such as dandruff. Moreover, some shampoos further eliminate hair loss, as well. On the other hand, if you’re experiencing slow hair growth, we’ve suggested some incredible hair growth shampoo brands.

The Best Hair Thickening Shampoo

#1. CEL Hair Shampoo

1. Cel Microstem Natural Hair Thickening Shampoo

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Cel is not just a women’s thickening shampoo but also a men’s hair thickening shampoo. It arrives in a pack of two bottles, each filled with 237 milliliters of powerful shampoo. Additionally, Cel works on any hair.
On the other hand, the shampoo adds touch to dull, thinning hair, giving each strand a healthy, silky feel. Moreover, Cel does not feature toxic substances like paraben and sulfate. It comes with a sweet scent.

  • Crafted for both genders
  • The order comes with two bottles
  • Free of harmful ingredients

#2. PURA D’OR Men and Women Shampoo

2. PURA D'OR Hair Thinning Therapy System

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Pura D’or is for both men and women who love style. The shampoo order arrives in two ergonomic bottles. Additionally, the shampoo is rich in argan oil, which is good for hair nourishment and scalp soothing.
Pura D’or also contains sufficient biotin, which facilitates hair growth right from the scalp. Moreover, the shampoo gives hair a glamorous, glossy appearance that lasts long. The shampoo further boosts hair volume immensely, even if you’ve experienced hair loss.

  • Pura D’or features argan oil
  • Created with growth-boosting biotin
  • It gives hair a polished appearance

#3. NEW YORK BIOLOGY Biotin Shampoo

3. Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner Set for Hair Growth

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Hair loss isn’t the most pleasant experience for anyone, especially at a young age. Fortunately, with New York Biology’s incredible shampoo, you can fully restore your hair to its original glory.
Additionally, the biotin-rich shampoo also does away with dandruff. New York Biology also washes off unwanted residues that have cumulated on hair from other products. Moreover, Biotin features an all-natural set of ingredients. Accordingly, unlike most shampoos, you won’t experience negative side effects.

  • Eliminates the loss of hair
  • Removes dandruff from hair
  • Does not harm the hair

#4. BIOLAGE Cutting-edge Thickening Shampoo

4. BIOLAGE Advanced Full Density Thickening Shampoo

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Biolage is a popular hair products brand. As such, you’re looking at a powerful thickening shampoo for natural hair. Additionally, the bottle comes with up to a liter of dense shampoo. Biolage also eliminates sticky residues that are known to clog on hair from other low standard hair products.
The cleanser shampoo also reduces hair breakage significantly. Moreover, the white formula penetrates hair effectively to deliver the best results. It is created for women.

  • Created by a trusted manufacturer
  • Cleanses clogged hair
  • Repairs breakages in hair

#5. PURA D’OR Gold Label Shampoo

5. PURA D'OR Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Biotin Shampoo

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Pura D’or comes with plenty of hair-loving ingredients. Firstly, red seaweed is part of the ingredients. Secondly, like most of Pura D’or’s hair thickening products, the Gold label features argan extracts.
Thirdly, the shampoo boasts up to seventeen or more herbal plant infusions that hugely promote hair growth. It is also rich in hair-friendly vitamins that are absorbed into the hair directly. Moreover, the shampoo moisturizes the scalp while softening hard strands.

  • Features plenty of hair herbals
  • Contains hair vitamins
  • It makes hard strands soft

#6. OLD SPICE Thickening Shampoo

6. Old Spice Hair Thickening Bundle For Men

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Old Spice comes as a triple pack, with each piece serving a unique role. The first tube contains Vitamin C, which is good for hair growth. Another essential ingredient in the shampoo is castor oil, which is what the next bottle holds.
Well, castor oil has been used for years to eliminate dandruff and give hair a glossy texture. The third tube carries a biotin-infused formula that nourishes the hair giving each strand a healthy touch.

  • The order comes with three tubes
  • Ideal for healthy hair growth
  • Restores dull hair

#7. GIOVANNI Color Safe Shampoo

8. GIOVANNI Root 66 Max Volume Shampoo



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Giovanni arrives as a triple pack. The highlight, however, is that it does not wash away your hair color or dye. Additionally, the shampoo is rich in pro-hair vitamins such as vitamin B5. Giovanni is a professional quality shampoo hence recommended for salons.
The shampoo is not tested on animals as that is part of Giovanni’s policy. Moreover, the shampoo adds plenty of volume to hair to give it a brand new look.

  • The set carries three bottles
  • Does not harm hair color
  • Rich in hair growth vitamins

#8. BOLDIFY Spray for Men and Women

8. BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray


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Boldify is the cure for frizzy hair. When used, the results are almost instant. Additionally, the spray works well for both men and women without any complications.
Since Boldify gives hair a soft texture, braiding it in your favorite style shouldn’t be a problem at all. Furthermore, the mineral-rich formula gives your hair the upgrade it needs in terms of volume. Also, the formula is recommended for both long and short hair.

  • Adds texture to hair
  • It makes hair styling easy
  • Works well both all hair lengths

#9. REDKEN Volume Shampoo

9. Redken High Rise Volume Shampoo

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Redken is superbly crafted for both men and women who love to style their hair. It arrives in liquid form hence easy to massage on the scalp. Moreover, while most shampoos make hair feel heavier, Redken leaves your hair feeling light and fresh.
The shampoo heals hair right from the roots to the tip of each strand. Since Redken is a reputable brand, you can count on their shampoo to deliver excellent performance.

  • It comes in liquid form
  • It comes from an excellent manufacturer
  • It feels impressively lighter on hair

#10. BOLDIFY Natural Thickening Shampoo

10.BOLDIFY Hair Boost Thickening Shampoo

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Boldify’s all-gender shampoo boasts of a blend of natural ingredients. Astoundingly, the formula comes with an irresistible Rosemary scent. Additionally, if you’re frustrated by hair loss, the Biotin-rich shampoo fixes that as well.
Boldify does not deposit toxic debris on your scalp even after long use. Additionally, it retains plenty of moisture to the hair, giving it a more appealing look. Boldify strengthens each strand of hair on your head; hence you won’t experience feeble hair.

  • It makes hair strands tougher
  • Eliminates loss of hair
  • Does not leave residues on the scalp

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