Top 10 Best Korean Makeup In 2020 Review

The cosmetic industry has grown tremendously since the turn of the century. Several brands have established themselves into multibillion-dollar corporations due to their broad market reach.
On the other hand, the existence of several makeup product lines for different skin types and tones has become inevitable. Consequently, making your seeking of the right product a tedious task. Moreover, the leading cosmetic brands don’t always have the very best of every makeup essentials.
That being said, the key to unlocking ultimate beauty from your makeup is ensuring your selection works best for you. Hence, our journey together provides you with the necessary information that will lead you to your perfect purchase.

The Best Korean Makeup

#1. SOORYEHAN Fermented Cosmetics

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A Korean makeup article wouldn’t be complete without this skincare item. What makes Sooryehan superior is the use of beneficial ancient proven skincare remedies and revising them slightly.
Furthermore, it uses natural ingredients to allow the skin to be at its best glow. The product is bottled up for a slightly higher price but one to last you for months. Several anti-aging properties, such as softening the skin, makes this a must-buy, especially for older women.

  • Unique ancient skincare remedies
  • Fights skin wrinkles
  • Softens your skin

#2. TOUCH IN SOL Hydrating Liquid

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Touch In Sol brand sought to create a formula that doesn’t hold your skin back, but push it forward. To achieve that Korean makeup looks, the product is made using natural ingredients and avoid mineral oils and paraben.
Besides, the foundation adheres well to your skin and doesn’t crumble even when the face skin is stressed. Furthermore, the formula has buildable coverage, which helps hide various skin blemishes such as acne heal marks.

  • Sufficient adherence to your skin
  • Free of Paraben and mineral oils
  • Recommended by beauticians as it covers blemishes

#3. CATKIN Natural Foundation

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Having a good foundation is key to eventually pulling off a stunning makeup look. Catkin brand has your back covered with this line of foundation. Firstly, it comes in a stunning package that’s refillable, which makes it cost-effective.
Secondly, it has a smooth velvety texture that is easy on the application, and a light breathable feel on your face. Thirdly, micro pigments in the foundation hide wrinkles to make your skin uniform.

  • A refillable product which makes it economical
  • Smooth foundation texture
  • Does not clog sweat pores

#4. KARADIUM Sweat Control and Sun Pact

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Being listed as one of the best Korean makeup 2020 products is no mean feat. Also, it acts as an indicator of the level of customer satisfaction in the product. You will most likely love Karadium.
For instance, Karadium works to absorb the sweat and oils released by your skin before it messes the makeup. Moreover, a lecithin coating powder formula can act as a net that keeps the moisture from escaping the skin.

  • Unique skin sweat and oils control
  • Keeps and maintains skin hydration
  • Works well for makeup foundation

#5. ETUDE HOUSE Smoothing Blur

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One of the key aims of makeup application is to cover up skin pores to achieve an almost doll-like look. Etude had this in mind with this face blur product that hides your pores to give your face a smooth feel.
Moreover, it also covers up any wrinkles to give you a more vibrant and youthful look. Also, the blur helps to protect your skin tone more while also protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.

  • Evens your skin surface
  • Brings out your skin tone more
  • Protects skin when outdoors

#6. CARENEL Night Lip Gloss

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Taking care of your lips is a beauty essential. On the other hand, lipstick is not a magic wand for shrunken and dry lips. So, for this, you need an effective lip gel-like Carenel overnight gloss.
Consequently, the gloss works to help your lips retain moisture and keeps them looking plump. Furthermore, it removes dead lip skin to help achieve that youthful glow. Hence, making Carenel one of the best Korean beauty products.

  • Makes your lips more full
  • Gives your lips a healthy glow
  • Rids your lips of dead skin

#7. ETUDE Cleansing Remover

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Firstly, when using makeup you take it off in the evening to let your skin breathe. Secondly, you need a makeup remover that works well and less time consuming than the makeup application.
Thirdly, Etude has made a remover that clears even waterproof makeup to wipe it off quickly. Moreover, its water and oil formulation gives you an excellent clean that’s gentle even on the most sensitive of skin types. Hence, making Etude the best Korean makeup remover.

  • Powerful enough to work on waterproof makeup
  • Works well even on sensitive skin
  • Unique water and oil formulation cleanser

#8. MISSHA Shade Cushion

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A natural medium beige skin tone makes this Missha product perfectly complement your appearance. Moreover, with Missha in hand, you get a long-lasting use whereby the sponge remains fresh and doesn’t harden.
Also, just two dabs of your puff onto the sponge gives you enough makeup for sufficient face coverage. Lastly, it moisturizes your skin and restores it making it one of the best Korean makeup products in 2019. It is simple to apply.

  • Long-lasting use
  • Covers your face well on application
  • Protects skin from moisture loss

#9. MISSHA Make-Up Cushion

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Misha is regarded as one of the best Korean makeup brands mainly because their products cater to most skin types. This item is no different as it comes in varying shades to best complement your skin type.
Furthermore, natural elements used work best with your skin to cover any imperfections such as dark patches. Besides, the sponge doesn’t drain out quickly, allowing you to use it on multiple occasions without it drying.

  • Hides your skin imperfections
  • Lasts on your skin after application
  • Works well with different skin tones and types

#10. PALLADIO Lip and Cheek Shade

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You know you have makeup essential when it’s multipurpose. Palladio has pulled a rabbit out of a hat in this cheek and lip blush.
Moreover, this is the ideal product if you’re not one for heavy makeup due to its simple application and skin benefits. For instance, it contains natural aloe extracts that soothe and protect your skin. Besides, it is rich in critical vitamins that nourish your skin to achieve a youthful look.

  • Made natural to best care for your skin
  • Contains potent Aloe Vera extracts
  • Simple to apply

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