Top 10 Best Liquid Highlighter In 2020 Review

Do you ever yearn to add a little touch to your makeup? Well, the missing piece in your puzzle is a liquid highlighter. Essentially, the right liquid highlighter brings out your makeup and helps you achieve a red carpet glam.
The formula gives your skin a glassy, glowing touch on the right curves for an irresistible appeal. Besides complementing your makeup, some liquid highlighters are known to nourish the skin. Simply purchase the best liquid highlighter drugstore specialists recommend.
Additionally, most liquid highlighters work well wind face foundation to give you a natural look. No matter your skin type and skin tone, our list should help you pick the right highlighter.

The Best Liquid Highlighter

#1. COVER FX Highlighter Drops

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The Cover FX liquid highlighter is what you need to achieve a glamorous metallic shade of bronze. Amazingly, it can be used independently without wearing any foundation. The liquid highlighter does not contain paraben. Additionally, it is free of any intoxicating fragrances.
Cover FX is infused with tiny pearly particles that spark to give you a metal-inspired finish. If you’re looking for the best liquid highlighter Sephora has on its website, Cover FX is one of them.

  • Gives skin a stylish sparkly appearance
  • Free of paraben
  • Does not contain any perfumes

#2. ILIA Liquid Highlighter

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Ilia comes with an exceptionally light, comfortable feel. The gel absorbs easily into the skin to give your makeup the perfect upgrade. Additionally, Ilia contains organic, plant-based ingredients to help improve the skin’s natural appearance.
The liquid highlighter shields the skin against ultraviolet light. Ilia does not contain gluten and artificial perfumes. Moreover, the product is never tested on animals. Like any Maybelline liquid highlighter, Ilia is the secret to a soft, moist glow on the skin.

  • Light hence comfy on the skin
  • Made with only plant-based ingredients
  • Free of gluten and scents

#3. LXMI Highlighter Glow

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LXMI is one of the best highlighter gels on the market because it blends well with just about any skin tone. It contains a rich skin-enhancing formula, which is what you need on any day.
Moreover, the ingredients keep the skin nourished and radiant. The ingredients are organic hence healthy for the skin. Furthermore, LXMI highlights the cheekbones and other raised areas around the face to complement your makeup. It balances well with makeup foundation.

  • Ideal for all skin tones
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Created from organic ingredients

#4. BECCA Gleaming Liquid Highlighter

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When applied correctly, Becca’s liquid highlighter feels incredibly natural on the skin. It comes with an amazingly light texture that feels like a breeze on the skin. It brightens up the skin to give you a flattering, gorgeous appearance.
Besides, the Becca liquid highlighter works harmoniously well with the foundation. The shade of the highlighter blends well with most skin tones as well. Becca is never tested on animals. It is skin-friendly and will significantly complement your makeup.

  • Comes with a natural touch
  • Not lab tested on animals
  • Blend well with skin

#5. THE BALM Liquid Highlighter

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You don’t need a foundation to wear the Balm highlighter. Additionally, the gold inspired shade makes Balm the best liquid highlighter for fair skin. However, the highlighter works quite well even with brown skin.
Moreover, the Balm highlighter contains purified water, among other skin-loving components. The liquid highlighter comes in a beautiful transparent casing that lets you see when to get another refill. Additionally, the highlighter also comes with a soft special application brush.

  • Ideal for fair and brown skin
  • Can work without foundation
  • Comes with applying brush

#6. SACE LADY Liquid Highlighters

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You read that right, liquid highlighters. Well, the Sace Lady pack comes with up to three liquid highlighters. Each gel sports a different shade, which is convenient. You get a silver hue, a peach tint, and a gold inspired option.
Additionally, the set is perfect for every skin type. So if you’re looking for the best liquid highlighter for olive skin, Sace Lady does the magic. It contains extracts of vitamin E which sustain the skin.

  • The set carries three highlighters
  • Each highlighter is a different shade
  • Infused with skin-essential vitamin E

#7. OWNEST Triple Color Highlighter

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Ownest gives your skin an eye-catching, suntanned appearance. It comes with a glowing bronze inspired pigment perfect for your skin. Impressively, the highlighter is waterproof, which gives it an edge over other brands.
Additionally, the highlighter dries up quickly when applied to the skin. Ownest stays on the skin all day long and is very easy to remove at the end of the day. Ownest can be used anywhere on the body, including shoulders.

  • Crafted for the whole body
  • Ownest is suitably waterproof
  • Easy to wash off

#8. IMAN Liquid Highlighter

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Iman’s liquid highlighter serves numerous purposes. Besides highlighting the cheekbones and the forehead, Iman can also be mixed with other makeup. It can mix with lipstick to achieve a balanced appearance all over the face.
Additionally, the liquid highlighter can be mixed with eye shadow to get the best out of the spark. Accordingly, if you’re looking for the best liquid highlighter to mix with foundation, Iman does not disappoint.

  • Mixes well with foundation
  • Can be used with lipstick
  • Blends well with eye shadow

#9. WET N WILD Highlighter

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Wet n Wild is a go-to brand when looking for premium quality makeup items. Amazingly, this highlighter meets those standards. To get the best out of Wet n Wild, make sure to mix it with foundation.
It works well to protect the skin thanks to useful vitamins and powerful ingredients. Moreover, the liquid highlighter comes with a unique brush to help you in applying it. It is the best liquid highlighter for oily skin.

  • Comes from a trustworthy brand
  • Can be mixed with foundation
  • Specially crafted for oily skin

#10. MILANI Liquid Highlighter

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It’s almost impossible to resist the beautiful squeeze tube that contains Milani’s incredible highlighter. The face highlighter emphasizes the beautiful curves on your face in all the right ways.
Additionally, Milani contains only plant-based extracts, making it safe to use. The liquid highlighter comes in over six shades for varying skin tones. If you’re looking for the best liquid highlighter to mix with foundation, Milani offers you another reliable alternative.

  • Comes in a beautiful squeeze tube
  • Ideal for face contours
  • Created in six varying shades

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