Top 10 Best Purple Eyeshadow Palette In 2020 Review

Your makeup is never complete without a charming eye shadow touch to go with it. Eye shadows compliment the rest of your make up while giving your eyes a gorgeous appearance. Furthermore, wearing eyeshadow is one bold way to make a fashion statement.
While there are different eye shadow pigments out there, our focus will be mainly on the popular, trendy purple eye shadow palettes. Additionally, with the best eyeshadow palette, you can come up with the perfect blend for a red carpet purple eyeshadow look.
Like an artist, you can creatively play around with limitless options of flattering purple hues. For this reason, we’ve come up with a great list of the best purple eyeshadow palettes.

The Best Purple Eyeshadow Palette

#1. URBAN DECAY Eyeshadow Set Palette

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Urban Decay offers you up to 12 rich variants of purple. To top it off, you also get a double-sided makeup brush to help you comfortably apply the eye shadow. Additionally, the Urban Decay’s casing features a mirror to help you spread the right shades correctly wherever you are.
Urban Decay does not contain paraben, and all the ingredients are safe for the skin. Furthermore, Urban Decay can blend in over seven different shadow colors.

  • Arrives in multiple options of purple
  • The casing comes fitted with a mirror
  • Ingredients don’t contain paraben

#2. COSA BELLA Eyeshadow Palette

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Besides purples, Cosa Bella comes with vivid tones of pink and silver so you can play around with different blends. Cosa Bella makes some of the best colourpop eyeshadow palette solutions. You can count on this particular pack.
Moreover, the eye shadows come in powder form, making them pretty easy to mix and apply. Aside from matte shades around the eyes, you can also create shiny metallic tones thanks to this palette.

  • Comes with other colors besides purple
  • Creates matte and metallic shades
  • Comes in powder form

#3. SHANY Eye shadow Palette

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What is so incredible about the Shany eye shadow palette is that it packs up to 28 different colors. The shades include blue and purple, which blend well. Additionally, whether you prefer a glittery eye shadow or a nonglossy finish, it’s all in the palette.
Shany is perfect for just about every skin type and tone, making it possibly the best purple eyeshadow palette 2020. The eye shadow lasts longer on the face.

  • Comes in 28 different pigmentations
  • Compatible with all skin tones
  • Lasts on the face all-day

#4. BURT’S BEES Eye Shadow

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Burt’s Bees takes a subtle minimalistic approach, with just three rich colors. Incredibly, the eye shadow palette still delivers the best results. Furthermore, Burt’s Bees is crafted from all-natural ingredients making it safe to use. It does not include paraben.
The eye shadow palette is completely perfect for people with sensitive skin. On the other hand, if you prefer light, discreet eye shadow, Burt’s Bee is the ultimate solution for you.

  • Comes in three simple colors
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Ideal for people with sensitive skin

#5. DE’LANCI Eyeshadow Palette

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De’lanci features over 15 different colors. After mixing, all you need is a single swipe around the eye region for an impeccable eyeshadow. Besides giving you a glossy texture, De’lanci also doubles up as a matte purple eyeshadow palette.
The colors available in the set make De’lanci just right for all skin tones. This quality means you don’t have to worry about color clashing or any other eyeshadow related mishaps. The casing comes with a fixed mirror.

  • Gives both matte and glossy shadows
  • Designed for any skin tone
  • Easy to apply

#6. FIVEBULL Eyeshadow Set

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FiveBull stands out because it comes with 35 vivid colors, just like some Morphe purple eyeshadow palette sets. Besides purple, the eyeshadow pallet carries more brilliant pigmentations, including red and white.
Furthermore, 23 of the colors are for a matte texture eyeshadow, while the other 12 colors are for a moisturized, slick appeal. The colors make it easy to pick the right combination for different occasions. Whether you’re attending a party or a formal event, FiveBull has you covered.

  • Carries up to 35 colors
  • Ideal for different occasions
  • Offers different shades, including purple

#7. REVLON Eye Makeup Kit

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Revlon is among the world’s most adored brands. They even make some of the most effective purple eyeshadow palette drugstore owners recommend. Additionally, Revlon works with all eye shapes. Moreover, Revlon comes with a unique application tool so you don’t accidentally ruin your make up during application.
Revlon only weighs 2.8 grams, so you can pack it and bring it with you to wherever you’re visiting. Furthermore, the kit comes with a thoughtful instructions guide.

  • Accompanied by a set of instructions
  • Comes from a reliable brand
  • The kit is extremely lightweight

#8. MALLOFUSA Powder Eye Kit

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With Mallofusa, all it takes to achieve the right cast of purple are five colors. Essentially, the set carries three tons of purple, plus a pink and a white option. Mallufosa is more than just an eye makeup kit.
Additionally, it helps to absorb excess fats produced around the eyelids because it does not contain oils. Incredibly, unlike most eyeshadow blends, Mallufosa does not irritate the skin hence is completely safe for your eyes.

  • Absorbs extra fats around the eye
  • The formula does not contain oils
  • Does not react with the skin

#9. COVERGIRL Eye Makeup Palette

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Covergirl comes in multiple shades that let you blend colors to come up with a dark purple eyeshadow or something lighter. The kit hosts up to eight different tones to let you craft an endless choice of shades.
With the extremely resource nude colors, you can create some of the best mixtures for yourself. It is perfect for an evening date. It is a resourceful purple eyeshadow drugstore prescription because it moisturizes the area around the eye.

  • Presents over eight different tones
  • Ideal for any event
  • Includes purple and nude colors

#10. L.A. Colors Palette

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L.A. Colors comes in gorgeous packaging. It is a purple eyeshadow palette that packs up to eighteen different colors. With so many colors, the palette lets you create an infinite array of colors. L.A. Colors leave a soft impression on the skin, making it fun to wear.
Additionally, it lasts impressively longer on the skin so you can comfortably attend long events. The eye shadow palette carries both glossy and matte watercolors.

  • Soft and gentle on the skin
  • Durable and long-lasting on the skin
  • Available in multiple colors

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