Top 10 Best Red Lipstick In 2020 Review

Lipsticks are bold, glamorous, and give you a stylish appeal. On the other hand, each lipstick color symbolizes something unique. Accordingly, our list today will focus on red lipsticks. What makes red lipsticks stand out is that they’re ideal for just about any skin tone.
Additionally, red lipsticks are all-inclusive when it comes to age. You can easily find the best red lipstick for older ladies. Moreover, you can always find the right shade for younger people.
Satisfyingly, there are countless hues of red lipstick out there. No matter your favorite choice of red, our list has you covered. We’ve put together our top ten best picks of the best red lipsticks.

The Best Red Lipstick

#1. STILA fiery red liquid lipstick

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While most lipsticks come in solid form, Stila arrives in an easy to use liquid state. It comes in a bold, attractive fiery red color. Additionally, Stila is available in other gorgeous shades of red as well.
When you wear the Stila lipstick, you end up with beautiful lips with a matte appearance. Another incredible thing about Stila is that it is impressively light on the lips. Therefore it is very comfortable to wear all day.

  • Crafted in liquid form
  • Stila is available other varieties of red
  • Gives the bold matte appearance

#2. M.A.C Makeup Lipstick

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The M.A.C lipstick arrives in an attractive kind of red. At just 30 grams, it is highly portable. M.A.C is amazingly very soft on the lips. Moreover, the lipstick arrives in a thoughtful pen-like shape that makes it conveniently easy to apply.
Furthermore, the red color works well with most skin tones, making it the best red lipstick mac users typically prefer. The M.A.C lipstick is incredibly easy to wipe off at the end of the day.

  • Comes in a lightweight design
  • Easy to take off
  • Tender on the lips

#3. KUCKIAN Velvet Red Lipstick

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The Kuckian red lipstick features lots of incredible benefits. Firstly, the fact that it is purely vegan makes it safer and friendly to the skin. Moreover, it arrives in liquid form, a quality that is hard to come by.
When applied on the lips, the result is a stunning matte texture. If you’re looking forward to an evening date, Kuckian is the best way to make a confident, attractive impression. It is amazingly effortless to wear.

  • Gives lips an attractive matte appearance
  • Made from vegan ingredients
  • Ideal for evening events

#4. OWNEST Lipstick Pack

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Ownest arrives as a set of six lipsticks, each with a different quality of red. However, what’s even more amazing about Ownest is that the lipsticks are waterproof. Additionally, the lipstick pencils come with removable tops that make them easy to store.
Since they give lips a matte varnish, the lipsticks are perfect for just about any other occasion. Furthermore, the lipsticks do not smudge on the skin, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally messing up.

  • The set carries six lipsticks
  • The lipsticks are waterproof
  • Designed with protective caps

#5. MYNENA Durable Liquid Lipstick

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You can wear Mynena with confidence because it does not smear off on other surfaces, even if you give somebody a peck. It comes with a charming, vanilla inspired scent. Additionally, thanks to its unique red shade, Mynena is easily the best red lipstick for brown skin.
The best part, however, is that Mynena does not contain paraben or other toxic additives. Moreover, it is waterproof hence ideal for any weather.

  • Perfect for people with brown skin
  • Does not include paraben
  • Mynena is waterproof

#6. BURT’S BEES Nourishing Lipstick

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Besides just giving you a glamorous appeal, Burt’s Bees keeps your lips soft and hydrated. The moisturizing quality is what makes it the best red lipstick for dry lips. Furthermore, the lipstick is crafted from natural components extracted from nature, including beeswax.
If you’re worried about paraben, it’s not in this lipstick. The Burt’s Bees lipstick lasts all day on the lips, so you can happily go about your day wherever you are.

  • Keeps lips moisturized
  • Lasts for long hours on lips
  • Made from natural components

#7. NYX MAKEUP Lipstick

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NYX is an admired brand. If you want to wear lipstick like a professional, NYX is the way to go. It is also the best red lipstick for everyday wear since it lasts for hours. It comes in a special scarlet pigment.
The lipstick gives your lips a plush, irresistible texture. The lipstick delivers a matte cover on the lips. Moreover, NYX does not have any side effects once applied on the lips.

  • Created for professionals
  • Comes in a unique variant of red
  • Lasts longer on lips

#8. MAYBELLINE Matte Lipstick

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Among the most reputable makeup brands is Maybelline. This moisturizer lipstick is proof that the brand is dedicated to giving you the best of all its products. Applying the Maybelline matte lipstick only takes a single swipe on each lip.
Additionally, the discreet matte feel makes it the best red lipstick for older ladies. The lipstick stays quite long on the lips compared to other tested brands. The Maybelline lipstick gives you charming, defined lips.

  • Comes from a respected brand
  • Available in matte and glossy option
  • Stays longer on lips

#9. REVLON Glossy Lipstick

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Revlon is a reliable lipstick manufacturer. Revlon’s lipstick includes highly rich ingredients like avocado oil and aloe vera extracts. This quality makes it the best red lipstick drugstore attendants and makeup artists would recommend.
If you prefer to go for the glossy red look on the lips, Revlon doesn’t disappoint. Moreover, it is preferably the best red lipstick for fair skin because it is surprisingly well-lit. Revlon makes you the center of attention.

  • Includes aloe and avocado extracts
  • Makes lips stunningly shiny
  • Perfect for special events

#10. NYX MAKEUP Gloss

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We have another NYX lipstick, the attractive mauve red liquid option. Remarkably, it is not sticky and will not ruin your kiss or stick on your clothes. Additionally, the mauve color makes it just ideal for different skin tones.
Therefore if you’re looking for the best red lipstick for olive skin, this NYX gloss is right for you. The lustrous finish is all you need to compliment the rest of your make up and clothes.

  • Compatible with different skin shades
  • Compliments your looks
  • Comes in unique mauve color

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