Top 10 Best Vape Case In 2021 Review

Vaping accessories might appear challenging to carry, given the tiny little pieces required for the leisure activity. It’s true; moving your vaping pens, vaping juice, a battery, and the charger all at once already sounds like a hilly task.
What if there was a more straightforward, fun, and easy way to move with them all together safely? Well, we have just what you need. We have high-end vape cases that rival the popular Smok vape case designs from the Smok brand.
Besides just vaping, some of the cases we showcase are also ideal for smartpens and ordinary pens. Whether you’re looking for a dedicated vape case or a multipurpose sleeve, we have you covered. Below is our collection of the very best vape case solutions.

The Best Vape Case

#1. HUIZHU EVA Black Vape Bag

1. HUIZHU EVA Multi-Functional case

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Huizhu Eva’s neatly organized vape case is one of the best vape cases on this list. The case comes with rigid frames to ensure everything inside stays intact. Moreover, it is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about moisture.
The interior features lots of straps for keeping all your vaping accessories in place even when you’re on the move. Lastly, the vape protective case comes with a handle; hence is highly portable.

  • The case is waterproof
  • Designed with convenient straps
  • Created with handle

#2. HUIZHU Black Multipurpose case for vape

2. Empty Multi-Functional case Vape

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Everything you need for your vaping fun fits superbly into our next Huizhu case. Firstly, aligning the interior are multiple elastic straps where you can arrange your vape accessories.
Secondly, you can choose to carry the bag on your shoulders or lift it thanks to an external strap. Thirdly, Huizhu’s firm design ensures it does not lose shape even when used for a long time. Lastly, you can use the extra compartments to carry other tools.

  • Aligned with multiple straps
  • Easy to carry around
  • Also ideal for other tools

#3. ZILONG Firm EVA Case

3. ZILONG Black EVA Hard Shell Stylus

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Besides vaping accessories, Zilong is a vape case iPhone owners will love. The interior features two mesh compartments on one side. The other side comes with an elastic band that makes the strap.
It comes with plenty of space for iPhone accessories such as USB cables and a pair of earphones. Moreover, if you own a stylus or an Apple pencil, Zilong is right for you. Zilong’s vape pen case compartment is also suitable for e-cigarette owners.

  • Ideal for stylus pens
  • Suitable for e-cigarettes users
  • It comes with two sides

#4. WOLFTEETH Black Vapor Case

4. Wolfteeth Vapor Case Black Hard

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Wolfteeth’s conveniently large mesh pocket makes it easy to carry your vaping tank. An elastic fabric featuring lots of straps sits on one side of the interiors where you can smoothly keep atomizers.
It is fully removable, thanks to flexible Velcro attachments. Furthermore, a red zipper complements the entirely black exterior. Despite the simple design, Wolfteeth is waterproof. The soft interior will absorb impact in the case of accidental falls.

  • Features waterproof design despite the small size
  • It comes with a soft inner layer
  • It comes with a removable interior plate

#5. BIU-BOOM Vape Case

5. Biu-Boom Carrying Vape Bag

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Nothing stands out like a hand size vape bag. Biu-boom’s black personal vaporizer carrying case is compact hence almost unnoticeable. You can also choose to wear it around your neck as it comes with a reflective strip just for that.
It is made from premium quality nylon. Accordingly, it will last you for a very long time. Moreover, at just 45 grams, it is very light on the hand. It further features space for your vaporizer’s charger.

  • You can wear it around the neck
  • Crafted from high-end nylon
  • Weighs very little

#6. USA GEAR Vape Case

6. USA Gear Vape Carrying Case and Vaporizer

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If you’re out for a thoughtfully designed vape case Amazon has on its shelves, try USA Gear. Amazingly, it features a clip where you can hook it to your belt for a hands-free experience.
Alternatively, you can choose to hook it to your bag or even purse. The case also comes with an external vape juice compartment. Furthermore, the interior features two more compartments for more accessories. Finally, it is tear-resistant.

  • Attaches to the belt
  • Crafted from wear-resistant materials
  • Features external juice tank compartment

#7. WOLFTEETH firm Shell Vape pouch

7. Wolfteeth Vapor Case Hard Shell

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Our next Wolfteeth vapor pouch features a vape case holder. You can use the holder to attach the bag to your belt loops or even your backpack. Moreover, the sides of the interiors each spot two compartments.
You can use one of the four spaces to store cigarette rolls or pens. Wolfteeth’s waterproof case also comes with two superior quality zippers for locking up the case. Additionally, the case is slightly thicker.

  • It comes attached to a holder
  • Also convenient for tobacco and pens
  • It comes with a hard, thick casing

#8. VAPE AND WIRES Vape Case

8. [Vape and Wires] Carbon Fiber Pattern

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Vape and Wires stand out because of its carbon wire-inspired shell. Moreover, it offers enough space for all your vaping requirements. Accordingly, you can expect room for your kanthal coil and vape juice.
Additionally, there is plenty of space for vape Mods as well. The black case is especially suitable for women. It features a loop around one of the corners ideal for easy carriage. Vape and Wires is durable.

  • It comes with a near-rugged build
  • Offers enough storage space
  • Recommended for women

#9. FINTIE Leather Holder Case

9. Fintie Holder Case for Apple Pencil

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Fintie isn’t just for vaping enthusiasts. The vape pen case is also suitable for carrying all your writing accessories such as pens and pencils. Furthermore, it is ideal for delicate smartpens, including stylus accessories.
Fintie comes with a stunning exterior with decorative floral patterns against a blue background. Additionally, there’s plenty of space for a pair of earphones and a USB cable. The slim design makes it easier to carry by hand.

  • Also suitable for stationery
  • It fits nicely in the hands
  • Spots a gorgeous exterior

#10. COSMOS Black Case Holder

10. Cosmos Black Color EVA Hard

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We have another multipurpose stylus and vape case. It is 19 centimeters long and 4.4 centimeters in width. Additionally, the highly flexible straps fitted inside keep your accessories in place even when shaken during movements.
Cosmos also come with a tender, leatherier exterior. Moreover, thanks to the dimensions, you can choose to keep it in a bag or in your clothes’ pockets. Finally, the casing comes with a shell-like toughness.

  • Recommended for multipurpose use
  • It fits right in your pants’ pockets
  • Features a tender exterior

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